Improve commission payment and reconciliation with Net Trans!

For Hotels: More efficient commission handling

Net Trans provides a complete hotel commission recovery and reconciliation service for hotel booking professionals. We represent more commission earned for travel agencies and a payment optimization resource for the hotels.

Net Trans offers a real opportunity for hotels to improve their commission payments and to develop more revenue with travel agencies. The opportunity lies in hotels being able to show that they excel in reconciling and paying commissions. Our reports identify which hotels have high reconciliation and payment ratios, and which do not. Please take the time to watch the two minute hotel video on this page, and learn how to be highly rated and to avoid being blacklisted by your booking partners. 

We offer a solution to reconcile all hotel and payment data with bookers' reservations. Economy of scale, expertise, experience and automation increase revenue and lower costs for our customers. We act on behalf of more than 10,000 travel agencies in more than 100 countries, processing more than 40 million room nights annually. Net Trans is dedicated to developing the most profitable, efficient commission system while improving the relationship between hotels and bookers. 

Hoteliers may take advantage of the Net Trans process to improve their commission payment and reconciliation procedures and get more business from travel agencies worldwide. In addition, when needed, Net Trans provides you with invoices issued on behalf of our travel agency clients which is something more and more important due to stricter regulations in the European Union in particular.

Net Trans is part of the Onyx Group 

Net Trans is now part of the Onyx Group which includes Onyx Payments and Worldwide Payment Systems (WPS). These two companies offer a complete commission service to hotels. Being in the same group allows the three companies to better cooperate and deliver an improved service to both hotels and travel agencies. 

Net Trans for Hotels

How can hotels benefit from working with Net Trans?
Our company has, since 1999, worked on streamlining the process of hotel booking commission collecting and distribution. We work on behalf of travel agencies and other hotel bookers, we have built strong partnerships with GDSs, with large and mid-size hotel chains as well as small, independent hotels. The recent partnership with Onyx Payments and WPS brings us even closer to the hotel world.These partnerships allow us to gather more stay and booking data and to match them centrally thanks to our technology. 

We then send statements and reminders to properties with a reduced number of transactions (not reconciled bookings ) for reconciliation and payment.  When we have not established a partnership with a hotel chain or when the hotel chains are not working with Onyx Payments or WPS, the size of the Net Trans statements and reminders may be bigger as the central reconciliation process cannot be used. In this case, the only option for us is to get the status of the stays from the properties directly. That is  why it is so important to have hotels answering our statements and reminders. If you want to know more about the opportunities to better cooperate with Net Trans, please contact Net Trans at

Lower costs: one authorized commission distributor

Time is money, and we may save you both. We represent one single virtual interface between hotels and bookers. Hotels make only one monthly payment to Net Trans, which we then distribute to your booking partners. We help you process your commission payments more smoothly! Travel management companies that have a Net Trans contract have signed a Power of Attorney, outsourcing all their commission collection to us. Effectively all commission to all IATAs for a specific agent can be paid via Net Trans.
Naturally, this service covers all travel agencies who work with Net Trans. Payments through agencies that are not Net Trans clients can be easily arranged through Onyx Payments or WPS. 

Improved partner relations

The best incentive for booking professionals to work with a hotel is a transparent and streamlined processing of commissions owed. Having an efficient and reliable procedure for payment and reconciliation of commissions is your best argument for a travel agent to book more from your hotel. A timely and accurate payment of commission will result in more business to both partners. Hotels with a high score in confirmed and paid ratios enhance their reputation with, and gain business from travel management companies. Our customers take advantage of our reports in choosing to book with hotels that consistently appear as highly rated reconcilers and payers of commissions.

Commission related services: Meetings & Events, incentive fees and more

Net Trans is looking to develop additional and ad hoc services to hotels, hotel chains, and intermediaries related to commission and incentive management. If you are struggling today to collect fees, contributions from your participating hotels to preferred deals, or if you are using too many internal resources to reconcile and pay incentives, we can offer an analysis and a competitive outsourced solution that represents the full expertise, advanced technology, and know how, which Net Trans has developed over many years.

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