Net Trans Commission System and Business Intelligence

Net Trans enables value throughout the whole “book-stay-pay” journey of a room night transaction through commission tracking and payment, travel intelligence and business analytics.

Travel agencies

Online Travel Agencies

Travel Management Companies


Commission, owed by hotels, never received by bookers globally.

Increase in income from commissions in 1 year, from implementation.



Commission System – Hotels and other accommodations

Net Trans offers a commission tracking reconciliation and payment solution for travel management companies, travel agencies, online travel agencies and other accommodation bookers.

Our vision is a world of friction free commerce for travel accommodations. Our contribution is to be an intermediary between bookers and sellers of stays. Since 1999 we have streamlined the process of commission handling between travel agencies and hotels. 

Today we are a strategic service provider for large travel management companies, independent travel agents and online travel agents alike. This also entails being an instrumental partner for hotels in the reconciliation and commission payment process.

Optimize your booking business with higher commission revenue, faster payment, lower costs and more business intelligence! We achieve this by developing a unique commission solution and by having a team of experienced business analysts and client specialists working strategically with clients.

It is our policy never to close an unpaid booking. Net Trans will always be able to deliver quality data on your booking history and ensure you a higher commission payment, than any other supplier on the market.