We decided to enter into a partnership agreement with Net Trans in order to outsource the complex task of hotel commission tracking.  As a result, our generated commission income grew by 75% between 2009 and 2010, and by 13% the following year.  Furthermore, Net Trans pays us our commission in a single consolidated payment each month, and in our local currency too, enabling us to significantly decrease the time allocated to processing back transactions. Net Trans also exposes us to a wealth of data through their web reports that, among many other things, allow us to access detailed, up-to-the-minute information regarding payments of our commission.  It is a true statistical dashboard that we can run and cross with our own data.

Hervé Saudrais, CFO

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For hotels

Hotels also benefit from Net Trans’ efficient commission collection and reconciliation service!

Who is Net Trans Services?

Net Trans Services is contracted by more than 9 800 Travel Agencies around the world to claim and reconcile hotel commissions on their behalf.

Net Trans Services AS provides a complete hotel commission recovery and reconciliation service for Travel Agencies and other hotel booking professionals worldwide. Recovering hotel commission is a challenge for most agents, but Net Trans provides a solution by reconciling all hotel and payment data with agents' reservations. The result is increased commission revenue and lowered cost of recovery through automation, dedicated expertise and significant economies of scale. Net Trans represents 9 800 travel agency locations in more than 90 countries, processing over 20 million room nights annually on their behalf. For further information please contact support@ntrans.com

Lower processing costs

In fact, we can save you time and money. All our customers have signed a Power of Attorney, outsourcing 100% of their hotel commission collection to Net Trans. All commission for our customer IATAs can be paid via Net Trans. If you have unknowingly paid Travel Agents directly, you should inform us and we will then update the Agents' reports. You make just one direct payment to us each month which we then distribute to the Agents. It is more efficient for you and for your Agent partners.

Reveal your professionalism

Hotels that have a good relationship with the travel agents know that paying the commissions will bring in repeat business, benefiting both partners.

Is your hotel processing commissions through Pegasus Solutions(PEGS) or Worldwide Payment systems(WPS)?

Net Trans has formed a partnership with WPS and Pegasus which significantly streamlines the commission process for hotels and Travel Agents alike. Under this arrangement we supply WPS and PEGS with a list of all our customers' IATAs and they make a single automated payment covering all of their participating hotels to Net Trans. The payment includes all of the Agents' IATA locations. For bookings that we cannot match we send a REMINDER statement to hotels directly only after investigating through WPS and PEGS query processes. When you receive a REMINDER statement, any commission due should either be paid directly to Net Trans or uploaded manually on your provider's website.

Why should you care?

Net Trans represents more than 9 800 Travel Agency locations in 90 countries, processing over 16 million room nights annually on their behalf.

For more information about how Net Trans works with hotels, contact: support@ntrans.com

We have a hotel support team of various nationalities who are fluent in German, French, English, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish, Rumanian and more, call us at + 47 33 34 96 00