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We decided to enter into a partnership agreement with Net Trans in order to outsource the complex task of hotel commission tracking.  As a result, our generated commission income grew by 75% between 2009 and 2010, and by 13% the following year.  Furthermore, Net Trans pays us our commission in a single consolidated payment each month, and in our local currency too, enabling us to significantly decrease the time allocated to processing back transactions. Net Trans also exposes us to a wealth of data through their web reports that, among many other things, allow us to access detailed, up-to-the-minute information regarding payments of our commission.  It is a true statistical dashboard that we can run and cross with our own data.

Hervé Saudrais, CFO

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Commission tracking and payment

Net Trans is a one-stop solution for commission tracking and payment for travel agencies. 

Travel agencies never receive around 40 per cent of the commission owed to them by hotels. There is a solution. One that will increase your income from hotel commission by 30-50 per cent in just one year.

Net Trans - ecommission system

  • Chases and collects your commission on your behalf
  • Pays it to you in a single monthly settlement
  • Reconciles and reports all your hotel bookings against the commissions you receive

By using Net Trans, your agency will benefit from:

  • More commission
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Lower bank charges for commission handling
  • Faster payment
  • Better reporting

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