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"Joining  in 2005  Frequent Flyer Travel Paris  has been one of the first travel agencies in France to subscribe to the Net Trans service. Since then, our hotel commission payment ratio has increased to 90%. But one of the key advantages of the service is the end of all the administrative tasks for us ; no handling of thousands of checks anymore meaning that we are saving 2 full days per month."

Marc Leidelinger, President

Frequent Flyer Travel

Commission tracking and payment

Net Trans is a one-stop solution for commission tracking and payment for travel agencies. 

Travel agencies never receive around 40 per cent of the commission owed to them by hotels. There is a solution. One that will increase your income from hotel commission by 30-50 per cent in just one year.

Net Trans - ecommission system

  • Chases and collects your commission on your behalf
  • Pays it to you in a single monthly settlement
  • Reconciles and reports all your hotel bookings against the commissions you receive

By using Net Trans, your agency will benefit from:

  • More commission
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Lower bank charges for commission handling
  • Faster payment
  • Better reporting

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