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Citystate Travel is a leading independent travel agency in Singapore, and a member of the RADIUS global travel management company. We have been working with Net Trans since early 2009, when we identified the opportunity to increase the hotel commission we successfully received. Since that time we have observed an impressive increase in results. And in the current business environment where every last cent is important, we are delighted with this outcome. Our finance and administrative staff have been freed up to attend to other matters, and have only to wait for our monthly consolidated commission payment to be wired to our bank account.

Albert Ho, Executive Director

Citystate Travel in Singapore

Commission tracking and payment

Net Trans is a one-stop solution for commission tracking and payment for travel agencies. 

Travel agencies never receive around 40 per cent of the commission owed to them by hotels. There is a solution. One that will increase your income from hotel commission by 30-50 per cent in just one year.

Net Trans - ecommission system

  • Chases and collects your commission on your behalf
  • Pays it to you in a single monthly settlement
  • Reconciles and reports all your hotel bookings against the commissions you receive

By using Net Trans, your agency will benefit from:

  • More commission
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Lower bank charges for commission handling
  • Faster payment
  • Better reporting

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